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Papu Button Dress Major Compose

79.00 €
You save 70 %

Papu Button Dress Major Compose

Papun upea paitamekko, mukavaa,laskeutuvaa 100% lyocellia.

Lyocell is a cellulose-based fiber manufactured from wood pulp. As a material it is similar to viscose, but with more environmentally friendly manufacturing process requiring less energy and no such harmful chemicals. The manufacturing process happens in a closed loop system, meaning that all the chemicals used can be used over and over again.

Lyocell is a strong and durable fiber. When dry, it is the strongest cellulosic fiber – even stronger than cotton or linen! In the use, lyocell feels soft on the skin, is absorbent and remains fresh much longer than cotton – several wears are possible. That means fewer washings and that way saving water and energy.

We recommend washing the product before use because of a risk of excess dye discharge. Wash the product with clothes of the same color according to the washing instructions on the product.

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